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  • 07/15/2017
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Walk for Mental Health Awareness

October 7, 2017 08:00 am - October 7, 2017 11:30 am


  • National Alliance for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery
  • 844.341.8612/281.397.3916
  • http://www.namhsar.org
The 7th Annual Walk for Mental Health Awareness will take place Saturday, Oct. 7th. The 5K Walk is a collaborative effort to raise mental health awareness as well as raise the funds needed to provide the mental health services needed in the Houston area. It is made up of about 25 local nonprofits who will provide mental health services. Last year, we came in 2nd place, and one of our walkers, Kathy Hudson, received recognition for collecting the highest amount of contributions than any other individual that participated in the event. We raised about $2800 last year, and this year our goal is to raise $5,000. We have started allowing people to register much earlier than last year, so that gives us the opportunity to raise more funding.

How it works:

Prospective participants must select a walk agency (participating organizations) to register to walk on behalf of that organization. They set a goal of how much they wish to raise and then are  given an individual link where they can collect sponsors. There is no minimum amount that one must collect. You are able to register now and begin collecting sponsors. The registration fee for the walk is $25 for pre-registration or $30 for registering the day of the walk. You can join our team without having to pay the registration fee and immediately begin collecting sponsors. On site registration begins at 6:30AM.

There are two ways you can join our team:

1. Visit www.thehoustonwalk.org and select Reason2Race from the menu. Then click on "join a team here!" Next, select "Sign Up" from the menu, and it will ask you to choose a nonprofit. Select National Alliance for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery, and then fill out your personal information. If you have trouble finding the "Sign up" option, scroll down the page until you see National Alliance for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery and click on "Join team."

2. Scan the QR code, and it will automatically take you to a link that allows you to simply click "join team" instead of attempting to search for our organization.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries, please contact us. Children and leashed dogs are welcome.

*Even though you register or join through the above mentioned options, you still need to complete the contact form below because you will be receiving a shirt from both NAMHSAR and The Walk, and we need your size. If you are unable to make it to this event, you can still support us by scanning the QR code and sponsoring one of our walkers. All contributions are tax deductible!