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Houston Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts

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        • NAMHSAR is a registered disaster relief response organization in which all of our members are certified in trained to conduct a type of counseling that places an emphasis on the feelings and emotions that one goes through after surviving a traumatic event like a natural disaster or act of terrorism. In addition to counseling, we assist with applying for aid, provide tools and resources to survivors informing them of the emotions they are feeling after the event, positive ways of coping, what not to do (maladaptive coping), and provide them with referrals to facilities that receive federal funding to provide further treatment at little or no cost to the patient.
        • In the aftermath of Harvey, we are asking for any one who is able to assist by making a contribution to this relief effort fund. Many employers do donation matching. Some will even contribute 3x as much as their employee’s contribution. You can search for you employer below to find out if they offer matching and/or volunteer grants.¬†

***Other Harvey Aid Available 9/22/17****

-NAMHSAR is offering free counseling to children, adolescents, and adults affected by Harvey  regarding the many emotions that come about after experiencing a traumatic event, such a disaster. There is an app on both markets where we can provide you live counseling sessions that can be done on your phone or tablet or through the website. This type of post-disaster related counseling can also be done in groups, individually, office sessions, live online chat (in which you have the option to remain anonymous), phone sessions, text messaging, and through TeleMental Health. Click here for our online counseling sessions or contact us to set up an appointment.


-Red Cross is offering $500 in financial assistance for Harvey survivors. Apply here.


-D-SNAP is for those who already receive SNAP benefits. You can receive 2 months of EBT benefits placed on your card immediately. You must apply in person at one of the addresses below and on the days that correspond with the first letter of your last name.


-The Housing Assistance and Other Needs Assistance Programs are for those whose claims have been approved by FEMA, and you must apply for an SBA even if you don’t own a small business. This is the Disaster Assistance Program which is funded by the Texas Disaster Relief fund and a federal FEMA grant. You can be awarded up to $30,000 under this program.




-Disaster Unemployment is available through the Texas Workforce Commission even if you’re self-employed. You can apply here.


      • ***Houston Harvey Relief Update 9/18/17***

As we updated you all 2 days ago, GRB announced that they’d be closing. They have begun. As of yesterday, they had 1000 residents. They have started sending some to the Star of Hope, which is a 200 bed facility. FEMA has moved out of GRB and will be off Fannin at the address stated in the release below. The remainder of the GRB residents will be transferred over to HCC. FEMA has granted financial assistance to the COH to begin a 60 day plan to move some of the residents in to long term housing.

      • NRG still has 2200 residents and will be close Saturday. They have not provided any information on where they will be transferring the residents. However, I have been informed that they will begin transferring some of them to some of the smaller shelters.
      • NAMHSAR is very well equipped to continue to aid by providing mental health services to those affected, and we will doing so both inside shelters and outside shelters. We have 11 current members who are all trained and certified to provide post-disaster counseling. We have 23 currently in training to solely provide these services.






        • You may call us at 281.397.3916, text “I need assistance,”or email us as [email protected]



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