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Stimming toys & multipurpose uses

Stimming is derived from the word stimulating. Those with anxiety disorders, ADHD, and ASD typically stim.

The act works to calm them down and provide a feeling of comfort while they’re doing and focusing on the task at hand in which they are working on. There are many variations of stimming techniques used such as rocking back and forth, repetitively clicking a pen, placing a pen between the index and middle fingers and shaking it back in forth, placing the end of a pencil in the hole of a ruler and spinning the ruler, using a stimming toy such as a fidget spinner, wearing a spinner ring, swiveling in a swivel chair, etc. Stimming is a healthy coping mechanism. Through creative, we are able to use devices in multiple ways, making them a more valuable possession. Here are some some alternative ways to use fidget spinner for elementary children, that helps with efficiency and proficiency in different academic areas. We are currently offering complimentary fidget spinners and spinner rings, and you may get one by contacting us. Please include your name, shipping information, and ring size (if you want a spinner ring.

How To: Intended uses of fidget spinners and spinner rings

Alternative use for fidget spinner (simple addition exercise)

Alternative use for fidget spinner (addition and subtraction exercise)

Alternative use for fidget spinner (multiplication exercise)

Alternative use for fidget spinner-how to make functional fidget spinner cookies