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Adult Kickball League Team

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Adult Kickball League Team


Recreational Therapy: Adult (18+) Kickball League Team from Sept.5th-Oct.27th. M or W from 6:30-10:30PM at Memorial Park. The participation fee is $60.




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Product Description

The first type of Experiential Therapy we will be offering is Recreational Therapy.

We are organizing a Kickball League Team. The league is co-ed, and you must be at least 18 years of age to participate. If you would like to use the payment plan, contact us so, we can provide you with a way where you can pay that way. If you feel like you need financial assistance, contact us as well.

Participation in this event will help in the following ways: team building, team work, anxiety/stress reduction, social connectedness/interaction, positive coping skills, emotional regulation, exercise, dedication,consistency, peer-to-peer support,  group therapy activities and many other areas.

When: Sept. 5-Oct.31 M-W 6:30-10:30PM

Where: Memorial Park-6501 1/2 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77007


Additional Information

Kickball League Team Fee

Payment must be made by 8/1/17.

Payment plan

The first payment of $30 must be made by 7/1/17, and the second payment of $30 must be made by 8/1/17.


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