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Fill out the form(s) that address the problems that you are having and the Screening Form. Leave blank what you are unsure about and submit it via email, and we will work to help you. These forms will set goals, plans, implement a more positive outlook, among many other things that are vital to quality mental health. We will reevaluate them two weeks after submission to see if they are helping, and if they are not, we will make revisions to the goals and plans to better serve you. Email completed forms to [email protected] or fax them to us at 844-631-1841. The easiest way to complete these forms is by downloading the Adobe Fill & Sign app.

Building healthy connections

Healthy thinking

Managing reactions

Payoff matrix

Postive activities list

Positive activities

Problem solving

Preventing setbacks

Social connections list

Social connectedness


*Screening form*


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