SE Texas Gulf Coast Region Veterans Mental Health Summit

We will be participating in this year’s veterans mental health summit, which will provide a lot of resources, courses, and contacts, for veterans and the different mental health and substance abuse issues they commonly have to live with as well as addressing topics designed to assist with other common veteran issues such as homelessness. There will be resources for women vets, LGBTQ vets, vets with families, and much more. NAMHSAR works with veterans by utilizing our resources that allow us to run a national suicide hotline, refer to inpatient psychiatric facilities to receive further care when needed that accept TriCare and/or receive federal SAMHSA funding to treat veterans free or charge. We also offer free counseling services to those who need outpatient therapy and not inpatient therapy, and we refer to facilities that also offer outpatient facilities for veterans. We understand that the VA cannot handle the amount of patients that need to receive treatment and that they almost always waitlist vets for very long periods of time. We believe this problem is one of the contributing factors of why 22 veterans commit suicide everyday, and we are committed to assisting in dealing with this unfortunate circumstance.

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