Kaila Angello

Homeless Outreach Program Supervisor 

My name is Kaila Angello, and I would  like top start off by saying that I have suffered from mental illness throughout my entire life. I have lived with servere depression and anxiety since I was 13 years old, it it persisted through college as well as my post-college years. I know the feeling of being hopeless. I know the feeling where it sees like nothing will ever get better. And, I can say from personal experience , that it CAN get better. And, you CAN overcome it!

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from UNCW in 2016. My major was psychology, and in addition I took neuroscience courses as I think the human m is fascinating; specifically pertaining to mental health. I even got the semi-colon tattoo because I felt passionate about the journey!

I went to work for an oil and gas company fresh out of college in 2016, and after 3 years in the industry, I realized that I was meant to do so much more. I am meant to help people. I had the realization that I am on this Earth to make sure that other people are okay. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than making someone else’s life better.

Currently, I am working full-time (in the oil-and-gas industry) and am attending night school to attain my science and math prerequisites as I prepare for med school. I want to be a physician because I remember the feeling of going into a doctor’s office and being overwhelmed with feelings of fear. But, I also remember leaving those doctors’ offices with feelings of hope, security, and trust. I finally felt a sense of being safe.

I am pursuing this dream of mine because i wish to help other people. I aspire to enhance others’ quality of lives; I want to make a difference in this world. We only get one life, and it short, and time flies throughout the journey. And, I am fully prepared to make as much of an impact as I possibly can with the time I have left on this planet.

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